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Gigabyte P34G Gaming Ultraportable Notebook Review & Unboxing

Gigabyte's P34G is the most compelling Gigabyte notebook we've ever seen, and in fact one of the most compelling notebooks we've ever seen. The highlights are, in no particular order as follows:

AHVA panel 1080p screen
GTX 760m
Incredibly thin design
14inch "carry-around-friendly" and lightweight design
Tons of USB expansion
Quad core processor
Competitive pricing for the specs

Sponsor link: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/6...

Pricing & availability: http://amzn.to/1hikHlP

Join our community forum: http://bit.ly/ZkLvE7

Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat - Check out his channel here: http://youtube.com/adhesivewombat

Outtro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnir...
Bulletproof Samurai : Dont retire linus please.....

Edit: just kidding enjoy life man
Jacobo Blandón Pineda : Ah, a gaming laptop that actually looks great. I wish modern gaming laptops looked more like this.
Bimal Gurung : Why do people need a touch screen laptop, on a gaming laptop???
Kelly Reese : Good For You! Hey how's it goink? daffy toy What's your opinion about it, gu|s !!
Harris Tirmizi : Is this only available in U.S.A, I'm in canada and can't find it,.
Attack of the BumbleBear : The Blade DOES come with a touch-screen.
Southmanpaw : Hmm , i like it apart from the arrow keys, that,s a big issue for me as i am a left handed mouse user
Rory Clarke : Hey there. It looks handsome. festive encouraging What do you think, guys? 1!
Teddy Reynolds : You're A Winner. follow dapper What's your opinion about it, guys 1!
carlo : would you still think this is a good laptop for around $1000?

Gigabyte P34G v2 review

Full review here: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/laptop...

The Gigabyte P34G V2 is a 14in Ultrabook with a powerful Core i7 quad-core processor and discrete Nvidia graphics. That means it can tear through games and productivity tasks - yet battery life is still strong, and the whole thing weighs in at just 1.7kg.

Presented by Darien Graham-Smith and Sasha Muller
D B : Never trust a guy who games with a touchpad
M Morales : i love how this laptop doesn't have all kinds of flashy accessories, it just looks like a regular slim laptop.  I just don't really like when my computer looks like it was bought at toys r us like an alienware.
eliran turjeman : Hello guys, anyone can register the size of the box, please?
Tamir Cohen : Is the gtx 860m still good? Will this laptop be able to run games at 30+ fps on medium settings in 3,4 or 5 years? Please answer!!!
Johnathan Dunlap : DO you guys think its a really good gaming laptop for whats its worth online? ($1,649)
Tamir Cohen : PC Pro, good review but I don't think that this video is entirely accurate! I agree that the materials used to build it could be more "premium" but the parts that you see and touch are all metal. I don't think there has ever been a laptop built that sells for £1050 with those specs that is as thin, light and good looking as this one. And all the parts that you will see and touch are metal so unless you are using it upside down looking at the bottom of it then in my opinion it does have a nice look to it. Only the bottom cover is plastic xD
Darren Tse : Did I hear that right, 7 hours of battery life? Can somebody confirm?
Lapine : This is an amazing laptop. Only $1,599 here in Australia. This laptop is 21mm thick and surprisingly doesn't look cheap. One of the only things bad about the laptop are the fake speaker grilles next to the power button. You don't exactly get amazing sound out of the laptop speakers, so a headset would be best, especially with fan noise when under load. The P34G v2 doesn't get as hot as you'd expect. The battery lasts 4h 30m browsing the web, so it has a better battery than the Razer Blade, Msi GS60, and the Asus G750 which is much thicker and heavier.
PCHCP : So PC Pro, since it plastic you don't see it as high premium? So you want more weight added to the Gaming Notebook adding other materials. I think your argument there "to me" doesn't quite agree with you. Gigabyte has done it's best to make it look premium but make our gaming experience much better when it comes to transporting Gaming notebook computers at a reasonable weight perspective. For the amount of goods that you get in the box, leather case to protected it from being damage is to my standard is an great pricing point.      
TheChar0x : theon greyjoy got new job wtf

GIGABYTE P34G Detailed Product Showcase Unboxing & Review

Today we unveil the new Gigabyte P34 and give you all the details on what it has to offer.

Up front it appears as if a basic 14" laptop but it has strong emphasis on being thin, light, and having enough hardware power to be used as a gaming machine.

Some of the best features are the very great price point, non glossy screen with great viewing angles, dual storage devices, and backlit keyboard.

For those looking for ultimate gaming power on the go you will need to stick with 15" or 17" models but for those who need portability and ease of transport and are casual gamers this laptop may just hit the sweet spot.

Check out the full detailed video to get up to date with all the benchmark scores, dissassembly, features, interfaces and more.

Product Page:

Contact us if you need any assitance or have any questions.

Web: GentechPC.com
Phone: 800.990.7945
E-Mail: Service@GentechPC.com
nash s : can you take the 1080p sticker off or is that paint
wakkadakkaify : great review, i was considering a macbook pro but this is so much better! thanks!
Thewickedjon : as an owner, this is a horrible computer.  uncomfortable in every possible way.  Specs alone dont justify the purchase.  I regret buying it
Dave Vaughan : yes finaly a temp test video that takes the temp as the laptop in using a graphics test
Fayze : How's the fan noise?
AplusMUTE : Thanks for posting this video, it was informative.

What do you think would be better in a matter of high performance and gaming this one or the Origin Eon13-S?

because I have tried customizing both and the gigabyte exceeded $2100, on the other hand, the origin eon13-s maxed at $1800.

If possible, could you do a review on the Origin Eon13-S?

Thanks again :)
Amar Raj Jagessar : I think all the laptop company's should always include a laptop bag and cleaning supply... Very nice! But CPU 90 degrees?? Talk about toasty man!
Juan Pretorius : Learn how to focus before making a video in which you constantly change the focus.
HGCR : Super Thorough!
Luis Arqueros : Very interesting Ultrabook. Single but awesome.




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