Kivic SM HUD Safe Driving Partner Kivic SM HUD beams the various contents on the roads in front of the driver by connecting with Andrid based Smartphones and iPhones wirelessly.
Hence, the driver can check the information such as the time, vehicle speed, test, incoming call and GPS information while driving.


지점이름 덱스크루 춘천점
주소 강원 춘천시 효자로 22 1층 (퇴계동)
연락처 전화번호 : 033-255-3702
휴대전화 : 010-4111-3705
팩스 : 033-251-3701
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지점이름 : 덱스크루 춘천점

주소 : 강원 춘천시 효자로 22, 1층 (퇴계동)

이름 : 김다인

전화번호 : 033-255-3702

휴대전화번호 : 010-4111-3705

팩스번호 : 033-251-3701

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